You bring the crypto-expertise, we take care of everything else.

Combine your own asset array from a wide variety of digital value tokens. Grow them and compare with others. Attract supporters and make your mark in the new distributed economy.

ICONOMI - Digital Assets Management Platform


Create your own digital asset arrays

Choose from a wide selection of decentralised economy tokens. Easily adjust your array for maximum growth.

Become a star!

Do you have what it takes? Optimise your assets array and outperform the competition!

Share it with supporters

Invite others to support your assets array and share proceeds.

Showcase: ICONOMI.index

Do you believe in the potential of the distributed economy? ICONOMI.index makes it easy to simultaniously acquire numerous digital assets. A simple one-time purchase is split into a selected array of digital assets representing 92% of new economy.

Simple purchase

It can be difficult to purchase and securely store a variety of digital assets. Avoid the hassle with ICONOMI.index - purchase an array of digital assets at once in seconds.


There are hundreds of digital assets. Choosing representative digital assets to offer cross-section can be a challenge. ICONOMI.index represents a constantly adjusted cross-section of the new economy with the most potential.

Low entry barrier

Low fees and minimal thresholds for purchase make ICONOMI.index the best way to make an initial foray into the new economy.


ICONOMI.index is a passive digital assets array (DAA) developed from the ICONOMI cryptocurrencies index. It measures the performance of digital assets that meet the ICONOMI eligibility criteria and mimics the blockchain economy. The structure of the ICONOMI.index DAA delivers diversification benefits and minimises risk. The digital assets currently included in the index represent ~92% of the total market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies.


ICONOMI provides an opportunity for investors looking for the simplest way to invest into the decentralised economy.

Start in minutes

The simplest way to start your DAA (digital asset array, similar to a crypto-investment fund). Sign up, deposit digital assets and you are ready to go.

Put your knowledge to work

Use your track record to attract the digital assets of followers and increase their wealth and yours. Compete with other managers to attract the most followers.

Simple to use

Digital assets require extra layers of security, and their storage and management can become a nightmare. ICONOMI takes care of that for you!

24/7 Access and Liquidity

Manage your digital assets 24/7. Fast withdrawals (*hot-wallet and per-session withdrawal limits apply) and no contract lock-ins. Growing list of supported digital coins and app tokens with deep liquidity.

100% Transparency

All trades are executed on the markets. ICONOMI will never trade against you. No small print or hidden costs.

Cutting edge security

The majority of assets are permanently stored in multi-sig protected cold wallets, so you can enjoy the safety of physical bank vaults.